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Collection of past due amount in most cases is preceded by history of numerous requests for payment by the creditor, broken promises by the debtor, which at the end lead to filling of a lawsuit by the creditor demanding collection of 100% of what is owned from the debtor, incurring high collection or legal cast for the debtor.

For any undertaking is the collection of debtors, with arrears, an unpleasant and arduous work. This process takes very long time to complete and often produces changeable success.

Solito Collection Services, a division of Trust & Management N.V., can assist you with the collection of your delinquent debtors. We have the required experience (since 1997) and feature an efficient debt collection method which you as a client will be satisfied of. Our commission is 15% on the amount of debt and will be billed to the client, no matter how small this might be; We have no minimum amount. The debtor is also charged a Commission. Other arrangements between the client and Solito Collection Services may be specifically agreed upon.

The collection services provided by Solito Collection Services is based on a "No cure No pay" principle. Cost of administration, postage, telephone, photocopying, etc. are borne by Solito. However, costs related to prosecution of accounts receivable at request of the client are due and payable at the expense and risk of the client. The collected amount will be settled monthly with the client. Simultaneously, our commission is settled. Do you have to collect overdue and doubtful debts you can submit these to us with the necessary command note and their supporting evidence. For further information, please make an appointment. We hope to welcome you soon as a valuable client.

“We make no promises, but care about our clients”


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